Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Shadows are mysterious
they are there 
they are not always real
they show a different version
created by the sun
and can tell different stories 
they are 
not what they seem
like peter pan's shadow 
they have a 
mind of their own
and they are deceiving
shadows are mysterious 
and unexplainable  

Monday, May 8, 2017

Planning: Who Am I

Who am I?
I am a person who loves to be outside especially in the woods. I love the smell of the trees in the spring, and the sound of the old leaves on the ground from last fall. I love the colors of the leaves in the summer and the sound of life, and the rich smell of earth.I also love going to the beach. I don't care if it's in the winter of in the summer or whether I am bundled up in a big winter coat or able to sit in the sun in a bathing suit. I love the smell of the salt in the air and the feeling of sand on my feet and in my hair. I love how the sun sparkles on the water and how the wind blows my hair everywhere so sometimes I can't see. Figure Skating is also very big part of my life. I go to the rink almost everyday. Skating has taught me many life lessons including how to be patient, how to manage my time as well as my temper, and it has also helped me with my work ethic, and it has given me inspiration and drive to push myself and do my best in everything. It has also taught me how to form strong relationships with not only other people my age but also with mentors in my life such as my coaches as well as my extended family that inspires me everyday. After high school I hope to make a new life for myself outside of Maine. I want to make lasting relationships and I want to keep sating and travel the world. I love to travel because theres just something about going to a new place and seeing new things that opens up your mind and gets you thinking about how vast the world really is and how small each individual person actually is.

For a theme I would would either like to focus of my love for skating or my love for being outdoors and being in the woods and by the beach. These are both really important things to me because skating has been such a prominent part of my life ever since I can remember. It makes me feel free and like I can accomplish anything in the world. It was taught me many life lessons such as patience and time management and I don't think I would be the person I am today without it. I also love being outdoors and going for long walks in the woods as well as on the beach. There's something about the sound of old leaves crunching beneath your feet and the rustle of the new leaves in the trees. I feel free when i'm outside as well and when i'm at the beach I love to listen to the waves and the seagulls and feels the salt and sand in my hair.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Veronica's Hobbies/Interests

Theres something about the feel of ice 
beneath you feet 
the sound of cold metal 
on frozen water
the sound of the friction
melting the ice 
and creating
edges and curves
in the cool glassy surface
the clouds of your breath 
when it hits the cold
crisp air

Monday, May 1, 2017

Cindy Sherman and Brandon Stanton

Cindy Sherman
Untitled Film Stills Cindy Sherman American Icons Studio 360

Cindy Sherman is a very respected photographer. Many of her photographs have been put on display in many museums as well as galleries. She photographed most of her photographs in the late twentieth century. She uses herself as the subject of many of her photographs. She has a love for horror movies and some of her photos incorporate some horror like ideas. A lot of her photos are very disturbing, and she uses some prosthetic and doll body parts when she does not photograph herself. She uses very powerful images of herself to show her identity and how she wants to be perceived.

Brandon Stanton

humans of New York 
"I am a photographer"
"What do you photograph?"
Brandon stanton takes portraits of people on the streets of New York. When he began his project he only took photos, but as he continued to take photographs of a very diverse group of people he began to ask them their stories. His initial goal was to take 10,000 photos of people on the streets of New York. The photographs are now part of a blog that has over 20 million subscribers. He shows his identity by taking pictures of many different people in many different situations and it shows that he has interests in other people and their lives. In his photographs he shows different people and uses his photographs to tell stories

Thursday, April 27, 2017



  • To explore Halloween and its connections to “paranormal” and “levitation”;
  • To learn how Levitation is being used in the world of photography;
  • To make connections from levitation to real-world uses;
  • To create levitation photographs inspired by other amateur and professional photographers.

Being able to look at different types of levitation photography was very helpful because it gave me a better idea of how good and careful photoshop editing is used to create a very cool and real looking effect without actually having someone levitating or flying. It also helped provide me with inspiration for my own levitating photographs. It was also helpful to read the tips from professionals who specialize and are known for their levitation photographs. The websites that were the most helpful were the ones with the most images and explanation because that was very helpful in the creation of my levitation photos. It was also very helpful to see successful photos but also photos that might not have been as successful and being able to see the difference between the two.
I think some of the successes of my levitation photographs was the background choices. I think these were successful because they went well with the subject that was levitating. It is also important to find backgrounds that match the color of the subject and I think I was able to do this quite successfully. I think another one of my strengths was using quick mask mode as well as the lasso tool to carefully cut around the subject and place it on the background. It is important to do this correctly because otherwise the finished photo will not look believable. I think this is shown in my levitation photos and is a strength of mine because there are no visible lines from the background of the subject photo. I also think I was able to effectively place my subject in the background to make it look believable and to create the look of levitation. My subjects are also the correct size in relation to the background which is also a success because it creates a more realistic feel.
Some challenges I faced during this project included difficulties working with quick mask mode because at first I wasn’t sure how to operate that tool correctly. To deal with this problem I googled directions on how to use quick mask mode and was able to figure it out eventually. Another problem I face was, the first couple times I didn't realize that there was a history palette and I wasn't able to delete multiple mistakes at once so I just kept starting over multiple times. This was very helpful because one I figured out that I could use the history palette to delete multiple mistakes which helped speed up the process. I also had issues using the lasso tool because the lines around the object that I was trying to cut out. This was very frustrating but I was able to fix it by clicking on another tool and then back on the lasso.

Selfies, to be or not to be

I think the main purpose of a selfie is to express yourself and to show people how you want to be seen. I don't think that edited selfies that show a different version of you that is not truthful should be part of this, but I do think that it is important to express and show people who you are, and the selfie can do this. I think many people use selfies to be someone they are not, as photoshop can be used to alter their appearance. I believe that a true selfie should show the real you and I think the purpose of the selfie has become twisted overtime by stereotypes and pressure on looks. I think some people take selfies and post them to get attention and if its a really good selfie they might hope to get a few compliments. I think in some cases selfies are an excuse to boost ones self esteem which I think is always a good thing as long as its not done excessively.
I cannot say that I believe that every selfie should be considered a work of art. I believe that in order for a selfie to be considered a work of art in needs to be taken with the intent of being art. I do not believe that those 1,000 selfies we take on snapchat a day should be considered art, but is you take time to set up a selfie, by get the right lighting, background and composition, it should be considered art. Its just like setting up any other shot but instead of photographing the sky or river, you are instead taking a picture of yourself. Art is supposed to express the artist and what better why to do that then to take a picture of yourself. I believe that not all selfies are art, especially not the most casual ones but there are some that are composed with time and care that should definitely be considered art.